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So… Been dealing with family issues and possible eviction. That’s why I haven’t been on and may not be on for a little while until it’s all sorted out.

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Lost in a sea of tomes - - -

I’ve been having company over in that last few days so I haven’t been online. BUT, I shall officially return tomorrow. :)

Light and Darkness // Libra & Tharja


"You play no small role among our ranks. Of course your presence would be missed." Not to mention the lull in activity ever since their members began falling ill. Before, the camp was always bustling with some degree of activity. It was easy to slip here and there then. Now, not so much. A missing person was highly noticeable— it created a certain void within the camp, quick to be filled with fear and doubt in the sickly climate it bred. Not that anyone had sent him to look for her, exactly… none but himself. The priest was here on his own accord, something Tharja might have found sickening had she known.

He stepped forward and out of the rainfall, making to conceal himself under the same tree as her when she acknowledged him again— and bluntly.


"I… see." There was little argument to be had there. Libra didn’t quite consider his question as prying— more an honest concern, but Tharja was characteristically tight-lipped. He wouldn’t press the matter any further for now, quite convinced that would get the both of them nowhere.

"What is that you’re holding? I see it quite plainly."

"I find that very difficult to believe.” Missed? Her?… That word simply did not compute - at least, not in her mind. She was never popular amongst the Shepherds, notorious at best. She had few acquaintances and even fewer friends. More often than not, she’d stick to herself and rarely involved herself in anyone else’s affairs.

She was never anyone first choice as a partner in spite of her exceptional skills - too intimidated to even approach her. All in all, she was a loner… Any yet, Libra kept persisting. Always so quick to forgive and forget. He was one of the few people that kept in contact with her on a daily bases. Whether it be asking about her well being or making requests, he always treated her kindly. Of course, Tharja being Tharja, would snub his kindness with a sharp tongue and a foreboding glare. She rejected any and all forms of compassion, unable to fully trust anyone - with the exception of Robin.

Her gaze was concentrated on the earth beneath her but, was fully aware of Libra’s movements as he settled beside her.

"Why do you insist on bombarding me with these incessant inquiries?… Must you always poke your nose in other people’s businesses? Its obnoxious.” She snapped. Visually irritated with him.


((hi I'm a Gaius and you look like a Tharja I'd like to RP with)) "Stop chasing me!"




Fool! Escape is futile. Come and accept your fate like a man!”

She called after the thief, trailing closely behind him - snaking through the various obstacles. He attempted to obstruct her path with any and everything he could get his hands on however, It was all for not. She would simply use her magic to shove them away.

The thrill of the hunt was exhilarating!

Well, that certainly was new.


Gaius watched the kegs begin to lift as if he were now in some kind of ghost story. The moment one of the kegs prematurely dropped and let the crimson wine run across the floor, Gaius arched his back and bent his knees. 

Timing was everything in his line of work. As the kegs fell, he dove forward into a roll, coating himself in spilled wine as a wave of the crimson alcoholic grape juice pouring into him while he was still on his back.

His momentum brought him to one of his knees as he reached out and almost forcefully took Tharja’s hand in his own, bringing the pale thing to his mouth with a sloppy kiss.


"When didja," He cut himself with a hiccup and wavered a bit, his breath that of heavy alcohol, "Get sho pretty, Shunshine?"


How was the finale? Would you like an encore?" Tharja sneered as she slowly approached his drenched form, halting just before him. He resembled a drowned stray cat, imprisoned in a sea of crimson miasma.

Having heard no retort from his end, she’d bend over slightly. Leveling herself with him, her lips parted. “At a loss for words? Fallen into despa-" She would not finish her sentence as her hand had been seized, plummeting forward as she was forcefully pulled into the thief’s clutches - his lips clashed against her own almost instantaneously. 

Tharja’s body stiffens, frozen in place as her mind ceases to function at that moment. Everything had escalated so quickly that she seemingly shut down. That split second felt like an eternity.

As she felt his grip slack Tharja instinctively pulled away, taking her hand back and using the back of it to wipe her lips - as if it had been tainted.



She shrieked as a hot wave of crimson appeared across her cheeks. Tharja’s hands would then coil around his neck as she began to choke him with all her might.



Noire knew what would happen. Her overly sweet voice, the softly spoken words, her mother only spoke like that when she was planning something… well, something rather unpleasant.

She was scared, yes, but she feared her mother’s wrath even more. And if it wasn’t her playing guinea pig someone else would end suffering in her place. She sighed, knowing that she had no other choice anyways. Sometimes she wished she was as strong and fearsome as her other self.

"… Of course…"


"But… don’t we have to prepare for battle…? If your hexes make me incapable of fighting…"

"On the contrary…" She began, "Should my hex become successful - and it will, it would benefit everyone. After I’m through, I shall have our foes upon their knees begging for their pathetic lives…” As she spoke, her tone would darken. She was quite confident in her abilities and knew that Noire would give in eventually. It was in her nature.

"If you have any qualms, then I suppose I shall find another willing candidate… your father perhaps. He should not protest too much.” 



     That voice, that evil smile on her face, the aura she so feared. Noire knew what she was in for now and she had only a 0.5% chance of escaping. “M-Mother..!”

     ”Oh gods..” She whimpered, backing away slowly from the dark mage. “S-Someone save me.”


"Cease your mewling and quivering. It is unbecoming of one whom shares my flesh and blood." She spoke, her tone stern and grim. Her violet coloured gaze found Noire’s, locking them with a single stare. Like an insect hopelessly trapped within the spider’s web, waiting for the inevitable.



Nobunaga nodded as they walked together in silence. Despite the usual circumstances he enjoyed this time with his would-be stalker. He noticed she tended to stay behind him. With a smile he wrapped his arm around her waist he pulled her next to him. “Don’t worry Tharja I don’t bite. You need not hide in the shadows anymore.”


Everything has escalated so quickly, she did not even notice his hands until she was physically guided. Bright crimson flared upon her pale cheeks, her fringes obstructing the view of her eyes as she attempted to focus on the earth beneath them.

For once in her life, she was at a complete loss for words. Having been accustomed to being alone and generally ignored, the physical contact caught her by surprise.

From afar // Amelia & Tharja


At the stump of an old, yet stern tree, she rested. Hood lifted to block away the warm sunlight that poured like streams of gold on her face, the garments also momentarily shielded from the daily life ruckus it seemed. Peace, it felt. For once Amelia set down her guards and enjoyed what nature had to offer. Lullabies of the birds - they sang to her. Scent of the flowers -  they presented to her. Caress of the wind - the gentle breezes passed her by. All was heaven, and none shall take that from the tactician.

That is, if that were to be the case. Barely dozing off, with sense lingering around the current affairs, Amelia’s awareness of surrounding hadn’t completely shut down like it should. Instead, it picked up a familiar feeling.

She was being watched.

Chills down her spine - aching to the very core, accompanied by the coiling of her skin, the blue eyes knew that this couldn’t be anything pleasant. What a weird feeling it was, to be followed.

"…Aaaaah—…" Yawning, though half of it was true, the tactician still bore sleepiness in her eyes, it was more intended to be a warning to her stalker. Now with better mind, she had to wondered who could it be. Near the barrack outskirt, risks of assault did not fit her preferences. Perhaps another clue will—


Shivers down her spine once more, the tactician now had a decent idea of who it was. After all, the tingling feeling had been around Amelia quite often. Never complained, but needless to say it sure got her… fidgeting.


The raven-haired sighed, “…Tharja, is that you?”

It was safe to say that Tharja’s had perceived, seemingly perking up the moment she heard her name escape Amelia’s lips. Music to her ears.

"How very observant of you. No less than I would expect from our esteemed tactician~" She complimented in a singsong tone, her hands rested over her faintly crimson cheeks as her face seemingly lit up. Ah, to be noticed… Such a delightful sensation.

Shortly afterwards she would reveal herself from the shrubbery some paces away, a faint smile etched upon her softly painted lips as they began to part once more. “How are you faring today? Well I’d hope?”

The Knight and the Sorceress // Cordelia & Tharja



"W-What is this—?" She yelped before falling into the depression into the earth, her arms coming over her head to shield herself from the rocks flying everywhere. A rather large one came flying towards her and she managed to move her head slightly, just to have her cheek grazed by the stone, rather than her head being crushed by it.


Peeking over the threshold she would come to find that Cordelia was fine - or as fine as one can be after a near death experience. It seemed as though the gods have been merciful today.

"… For one so level headed, you’d think you would exercise some caution when approaching me." She scolded as she wore an indifferent yet slightly irritated expression.